September 12, 2012


There's an overwhelming number,
of the storys for none but one.
You have them there,
in the desperate parts of your heart
they long to be lived
they long to be written.

The pictures of places
missing the details
the imagination is limited to add,
faces blurred of those you long to meet
the person you long to be
always nagging at the one you've become.

There are stories untold
shared with none but one
they nurture dreams
lighten fear,
they lift up
and march forward.

September 11, 2012

Leaving gets harder

We drove down to Durban last Thursday, my dad, brother, husband and I left in the pouring rain at 15:00 in the afternoon and drove the entire five and half hours in a seriously heavy storm. The drive down to the coast is always head clearing , I know exactly how the landscape will change and how my mind will become clearer and clearer as the air changes from crisp and thin to humid and salty. I don't need any entertainment on the way down, I've done that trip a few times a year for over 23 years and those 5 to 6 hours seem like nothing to me now.

We drove down to meet my mom and younger sister and brother to spend 4 days. My mom and I spent two full days totally absorbed in helping put together my cousins wedding and then celebrating it with all our family and their friends. The rest of the time we just relaxed, when you're at home you never feel the need to fill every moment with activity and Durban is as home as my family could ever be.

Needless to say those 4 days went by way to quickly and this was the first time that I can remember actually crying as we drove away from the city and started the climb back up to the highveld. I always feel so free there; in the endless hours I can spend on the beach, how my siblings are happy to just spend the entire day surfing, to go running through the hills on my own over looking the coastline and harbour be gone for an hour and no one worries.. Life seems calmer and simpler.

Bisou xxx

September 5, 2012


This isn't my picture, this is one of those images that some how wondered onto the Internet without someone to claim it.
I've been that person, looking over a shoulder, driving through forests, over mountains, in mist and sun, at night. The wind whipping my face, I feel like I'm running, not away from something but too something incredible, something I haven't found or seen or experienced. 

 I snuck out of a sleeping house and squeezed onto a bike with 3 friends in the dark night and rode through the hills of the Himalaya's, arms out- completely free.
I drove from Nice to Monte Carlo with my husband on honeymoon, we rode along the coastline and ate hot pasta to warm up..We rode back in the winter rain and laughed until we cried standing drench in our hotel room.
We've driven down tiny dirt roads in a quieter part of Phuket searching for a beach and into the forest in Krabi amongst those strange mountains that spike out of the ground.

I've explored and escaped, searched and just driven because the road kept going and we were happy to be together.

September 4, 2012

Awkward silence

I'm not a photographer, I know in the blog world everyone is gasping because who blogs without owning a fancy camera. The thing is I have a family of incredible photographers in my family and I just don't have their patience for the art, this is my way of excuses all the terrible photo's you'll see in the future.

Anyway I've been doing the norm since my last post, getting bitten by a dog while mountain biking, meeting a giant...

Spending Saturdays at cute markets in town with family,

Cousin Mix and wife bee- more like a brother.

Mom and dad, dad doesn't normally look crazy

me pretending to be a photographer, husband walking
between buildings in the city.

celebrating birthdays..

I do alot with these two- Chris on the right is
my awesome running partner:)

This is Boopty on the left (aka Claudia- general amazing friend)
she turned 26 last week
 A typical couple weeks- I have an amazing family I get to hang out with alot (but that's a story for another day).. But all the while my mind has been on the simmering Bangkok post that's written and waiting for the photo's which the laptop refuses to give me. So much love for the city all written out but the frustration of the continual fight among the different computers in my life which all have some kind of flaw and make me want to throw them against the wall.

I've also been motivated and inspired by the small connections I've made with people who live in a totally different world to me, I've jumped continents through the Internet and suddenly we're like neighbors.. Also made me want to tell you a little more about S.A. and Joburg and how much I love it because well I've learned to love and understand so many towns, cities, suburbs, cultures through the amazing people that pour themselves into sharing and reaching and stretching.

Awkward silence broken,more Thailand soon, Bisou xxx

More of this soon:) You can see how huge this statue is by looking at how tiny I am in front;)