December 14, 2011

Old Delhi, just a glimpse

Its the last two weeks of work and things have been stressful, they haven't been busy but I think because I'm a years worth of tired everything just seems more difficult.

Looking through my old photo's relaxes me, like floating away on a day dream. This one involved the day trip I did with a group of America's who were visiting to spoil and love on the kids in the school where I worked. They were loud and funny and friendly as most American's seem to be and I really enjoyed time with them.

We took the underground (which was so clean you could eat off the floor) from New Delhi into Old Delhi, where we were picked up by cycle rickshaws and taken on ride through old Delhi. What an amazing part of Delhi it is!

Anyway, after "spring cleaning" my blog and making it as simple as possible (somehow this makes it feel less cluttered) and browsing through old memories, dusting them off and posting them, I'm feeling a little less trapped by a few more days in the office.

December 2, 2011

22 and on to 23

Its my birthday tomorrow and this is the first year where I really don't want to get older. 22 has been awesome so I decided to do a little hit list of this year and all of my favorite events and memories.So this is me letting you into what I remember most about this year.. I'd say it even has a sound track.

Family, family and more family :) I have the greatest family, the Bouffe's, the Habib's, the Kings, the Rankins.. We just keep growing, new babies, little cousins. This was an awesome family year, my aunt and uncle came out from Portugal, my cousin Mix & (my friends and bridesmaid) Bee got married, my other cousins Bee and Ryan had Noah so family defiantly made for some of the best memories and highlights of this year.

Average family diiner- 360 photo does some wierd editing though.
My friends know how to celebrate!

Cousin Bee and Baby Noah (Cousin Bee 1 of 2 :)
 I have this amazing group of friends, they have created a series of incredible memories with me this year. Alot of which were simple braais or dinners and some of the best were birthdays.

Most of the middle of this year was scattered with many trips down to Durban, family trips, a week with our good friends Ed and Lynne, a weekend trip here and there. One that was such a highlight was a weekend with two of my best friends.

Quick stop over on the road home

There are the big things from this year: I qualified as a pastry chef, with my mom, starting Jujitsu, planning an exciting trip to Thailand with Mr King, and moving house. But I love all the little memories, the ones you don't remember till you stumble across the pictures- the random nights out, the dates with my husband, time at home on the couch, the odd breakfast or dinner with old friends or gyming with my sister.

So if anything this post has gotten me so excited for a new year, another year older. I crammed 22 with as much as I could!

This post has also successfully served as a full introduction to me, more than where I've been or the art I love. I've enjoyed the insight into lives that blogs provide, how people share and open themselves up and preserve their memories this way, I'm excited to do the same. Ready for 23, bring it on:)

Photos of Noah : Bianca Habib- go see her blog
Wedding photos: Kat Forsyth