January 16, 2014


I don't remember a year when I was so greatful for a fresh start. 2013 will always be carved out in my memory as a year of survival, keeping my head above the waves, so I embrace 2014 in all its glory. I've chosen to start dreaming again, to stop seeing failure as inevitable and finally pluck up the courage to go after some of my bigger dreams, to change my life, or rather to carve out the life I've been saving for when things get easier. The truth is they don't get easier, but I can change the way I see them and stop waiting for some big sign that NOW is the time. I've also chosen to write more this year, here, in private, my own story, my own struggles. To document my life where it is now. January 2014 I'm searching- for a new home, for a new church, for a new routine and extra Pilates work. Warren went after his dreams in a big way last year and carved out his dreams, I'm ready to do the same.