September 30, 2013


I had some writing to complete, posts to publish and one I was anticipating after my first trip to Port Elizabeth recently and the wedding of an old friend but somehow all the inspiration got sucked away.

Trail running in Port Elizabeth with my husband, brother and a friend I fell, my first fall ever on a run. My knee made a horrible sound, the pain beyond words (just lots of screaming) and with my husband carrying me the 3.5kms back to the car ends the tail of my first injury. I've never been injured, never needed to rely on people just to get around and its a pride killer!

I'm back to walking but knees are apparently serious things to injure and so running and cycling are out of the question, and I'm not really sure for how long. Thanks to my new pilates job (another post unpublished) I plan to start rehab on the knee soon.

One little bad step and the things I love to do, my passion is no longer an option. I'm kind of scrambling with how deal with this, watching others train and feeling stuck, trapped.

So thats where I am, in a little bit of silence.
How do you cope with Injury?