October 10, 2012


There have been months of preperation leading to me completeing the triathlon this weekend and as I ran to the finish line the overwhelming joy I felt was not just to do with reaching the goal of so much hard work.
I completed the Midlands Ultra sprint distance on Sunday; 600m swim, 21km cycle and 5km run. It wasnt a huge distance and my time of 2hrs and 6mins wasn't amazing but the feeling of completing  something I had no idea I was capable of filled me with such incredible joy.

Mix, Rory and I have been training together for the last couple months, our training programme was put together by Mix and the two of them pushed me and encouraged me through all of it. There were moments of frustration because being on a mountain bike made me alot slower than those racing on road bikes but as they rode passed they yelled their encouragment and it felt like my legs pushed harder than they ever had and I did the best cycle time I've done since we started.

Endurance sport is something so many people struggle to see the enjoyment in but over the last few months of training there has been so much good; running during sunset Bombay Bicycle club in my ears and the afternoon breeze on my face with my friend Chris running next to me (Christina actually joined us this weekend and took alot of the photos), I've been cycing on Saturday mornings through suburbs or out in open country with beautiful landscapes with fresh rich lunches afterwards, I've felt myself getting stronger and capable of more and more.

We drove down to Durban on Friday for the Tri and saw again the beautiful landscape that never ceases to take my breath away, we walked on the beach in the evening and lay out on the sand in the sun, we drove out to the midlands and through thick forrests, we ate dinner at a cute b&b where the cat comes to sit on your lap and the food fills you and warms you up from the cold mist outside. There is so much more joy to experience in the build up to that one race day, simply by stepping outside, finding these beautiful hidden parts of the country, spending time with people, pushing them and encouraging them as they do the same for you.

This is the begining of hopefully many more triathlons to come and the first adventures of many that waking up, steping outside and trying the new has allowed.

These are a few pics of the weekend and our time around the triathlon.

The evening we arrived we went straigh down to be beach to dip our toes in the water.
Spending time with Chris on the beach while Rorz and Mix had a surf You've never seen a better supporter, she was at every transition cheering us on. Chris will be joining us for the next one, can't wait:)

 Midmar dam, the day before the race.

From Left to right: Rorz, Mix and Pete- Peter is an old friend who moved to Durban, so inspire by Mix's journey he decided to do the race with use.

Mix at the finish line: the picture of determination, hard work and passion!
What he has accomplished this year has truely been inspiring, you can read his story here.