December 2, 2013


Before the thoughts, my feelings go flitting off aon another train of thought, I need to write down what 25 means to me and on this my last day of 24.

24 was letting go, letting go of all that I thought I controlled and choosing instead to try and control my response to life and all that it threw at me.

24 was new family, finding Warren's father and his beautiful big family that had been there all along, just waiting for Warren to find his way back to them. It was new sisters and a new little brother, new grand parents whose love pours out of them in smses and huge meals, kisses and tears. It was aunts that cheer and cousins that hug and giggle. A new father and step mother who look on with love.

24 was breaking and rebuilding, stripping down and finding something new to grow. New dreams, more love.

24 was tears, happy and sad.

24 was a wedding, for a best friend, who I stood next to as she said her vows, just as she did for me.

So 25, means more love, adventures to be planned, friends to be loved, family to make memories with, a new home to find, a job to build on. 25 means standing on sure feet on the knowledge that love has and always will conquer all.