August 21, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand 2012

Warren and I arrived in Bangkok a couple hours before they rang in the new year. From the moment we stepped out of the train station the sticky heat engulfed me, my shirt and backpack sticking to me.

Stepping into that chaos on Sukumvit, pushing past people, moving through the crowds. Warren lets me march ahead, 4ft 11inch's of tiny wife being a little too easy to loose in a crowd he likes to see me at all times.The city is lit up, alive, moving, loud. My heart feels like its beating with the concert happening along the side walk while the traffic moves along like an angry mob. We're here, well here could have been anywhere in Asia, there is no where as alive, but we're in Bangkok and I'm completely awestruck.

I love how blurry and non-photographer these are, taken in the moment while we were walking:)

I love a loud city, its like a drug to Warren and I, we feed off pushy people tying to get from A-B, an entire life lived between the sky scrapers.
We walked from Soi 23 to Soi 2 where our hotel was and saw every kind of Thai celebration in between; Locals with fire crackers, tourists on scooters, people selling every item one could hope to find. The black night blindingly bright and blurred with smells,colour, heat and humidity. The 30 min walk from station to hotel felt like a full introduction to this insane city and I finished the walk glowing with all that I had absorbed.

We arrived at our hotel, down a dark street with water dripping from the buildings above and huge trees drooping over the street feeding off the moist air.Stepping into the hotel lobby we got that shock of icy air conditioned air like a drink of cold water and tiny Thai man taking our back packs refusing to let us carry them to our room. He unlocked and let us into our simple room with the heavy wood paneling on the walls, the well used sheets and florescent lights and hard floors- simple and comfortable.
We welcomed in the new year, after a walk through the streets, from our hotel balcony, watching the fireworks between the trees and buildings, like a musical introduction do Thailand.

August 16, 2012


I'm back here, back to my own little pretty corner of the Internet where a few of you come to read what I have to say. It's been months since I've felt like I had anything worth writing about, and even that sentence and what I thought about it has changed. I love writing, that's why I started bold bird, I want to write and I know I can and I have things I want to say if only I can be bold enough to fearlessly say them.

I'm an extremely private person by nature, I find it easy to make conversation yet very difficult to express the deepest parts of what I'm really thinking. What I've been thinking is that I really do love traveling, in fact I don't think I feel completely at home unless its somewhere completely foreign to me. My husband has made it so easy for me to find home within our marriage, within the family we are when we're together that its no longer about a familiar space but just being there together.

I love traveling, and so I want to write about it. Really write about it, how I felt in a foreign place at 8, at 14, at 18, married, single. There is so much more to traveling than being a tourist and more to a country than its "sites". I have some real bits and pieces of me to share and standing on this ledge (inspired by some of my favorite bloggers) I'm going to taking the writing leap again.


A quick update on me since February. I've been studying, which I always seem to be doing. I am a qualified Pilate's instructor as of about a month ago. Not entirely sure what made me want to study Pilate's but I am so glad I did.I would love to be an instructor and I'm not really sure when I'll get to be but teaching and interacting with people about their physical health and fitness seems to be something that makes me come alive. Some how exercise clears my mind like nothing else does and sharing that is amazing!

I studied through this group in case anyone is interested, they are the most recognized group for Pilate's in S.A.

My writing muscles sufficiently stretched and the blood flowing, till next time, Bisou xxx