January 23, 2012

Ready or not..

I’m torn.
I’m torn between writing here and deleting it all together.
I’m torn between the personal or selective pieces of me.
I’m torn between putting it all out there, making an effort or a more surface approach.
I’m torn between an anchor or a sail.
I’m torn between a trim or tattered ends.
I’m torn between what’s old and familiar or the potential of new and scary.
I’m torn between posting this or just filing it away.

I’m so positive and excited for this year, taking some nervous steps forward and I guess I’ve just felt that clinch where it becomes necessary to decide how to proceed. I got back from a a few weeks away with my husband and did my first catch-up on blogs I follow of people I love and admire, some of whom I will never even met. Whilst I was tempted to push  my life as far out of sight as I could (sometimes I feel like Facebook and such are an invasion of my life as I’m sure most do too) I realised so many others had risked this open air that a blog provides and encouraged without even realising. So I decided to be bold and open and just let this space take me where it wishes. While I’m not a huge fan of the F.B. method of portraying my life this is my space, my own little room to pull apart and put back together every part of me and my and them- all that I love. SO here goes nothing right!